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solving problems

  • How to recover forgotten password for your VoIP account?

    If you want to recover the password for the VoIP account, please send a message through the contact form on the page "Contact". The form must specify the username with which the operator is to set up an account and e-mail address to which you have registered your VoIP. For safety reasons, the password will be sent to the same address as provided during registration.

  • Which ports have to be open on the firewall?

    The following ports must be open on the firewall:
    UDP 5060
    UDP 11113
    UDP 10300 - 10311
    UDP 6901 - 6920

  • Call quality is low and the conversation is interrupted, which may be the cause?

    Make sure the Internet connection is not loaded. You can check this by doing a connection test in the communicator by selecting Help / bandwitch Conduct a test. If the link is not loaded "network delay" should have a maximum value of about 50ms, there should be no packet loss and 5 stars for the quality of the link. If the results are much worse, you should verify that no charge in connection to the Internet with other applications, or someone else from the network.

  • My caller does not hear me, what could be the cause?

    Incorrect setting of your sound card / microphone. To exclude please call toll-free number echo123 and see if you can hear your recorded voice. If not, make sure that the sound settings, the operating system in the Control Panel as an audio source is selected microphone. Please also check that the Messenger in Tools / Options / Sound is selected the correct audio source.

  • My caller hears the echo. What should I do?

    If you use the communicator, always use a headset, then the voice of our caller is not captured by the microphone and there is an echo effect. You can also turn down the speakers and to reduce the sensitivity of the microphone.

  • Do I have the external IP address?

    The limit of free calls is calculated on the IP address if your ISP does not assign IP to each subscriber may have a problem the use of free calls. If you have a message FUP / non-free calls in the billing, and have not taken the limit of free calls Ask your ISP or the IP address assigned to each subscriber. This situation can happen only in small local Internet service providers and should then ask for the allocation of IP address.